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Irish Psychotherapist and gym owner uncovers the shocking 
Fat Building Neurons that are responsible for nearly 40% of America's obesity problem.

*This is not a diet or a workout, NeoSlim provides a mental approach to losing weight permanently.

Learn how to eliminate the number one cause for excessive weight gain

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Why You Shouldn't Buy NeoSlim

A letter from the guy in the video above.

(Read before you click buy)


Hello, I'm Richard Morrissey.

You might already know me as the psychotherapist who created NeoSlim from the video above.

But what you don't know about me is that I'm not a fancy marketer or a best-selling author.

I'm just a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, who operates a busy weight loss clinic within our gym in Dublin.

So instead of trying to write a bunch of fancy jargon about all the bells and whistles of this program and why you should buy it, I'm just going to write this letter to you as if you're a real person sitting on the other end of a screen who has tried countless approaches to losing weight and doesn't want to waste any more time or money on a product that won't work for them.

So here are a few reasons why you shouldn't join NeoSlim.

Reason #1 - You're just searching for the next fad "miracle diet".

Ok, this is a BIG reason not to join NeoSlim. The truth is these fad diets come and go just as quickly as their results do. 

But have you ever stopped to wonder why every season there's some hot, new diet that everyone is trying? Its because getting your motivation to lose weight from a diet is like trying to fly a kite with no wind...

It doesn't work.

So marketers and fitness gurus just keep coming up with new ways to reinvent the wheel for the same people who tried the last thing and ended up with zero results.

Now don't get me wrong, you can lose weight on a diet. I know plenty of people who have (you may even be one of them). But I bet that weight didn't stay off...

This is because treating your fat problem with a diet isn't actually solving a problem, you're just temporarily changing the type or amount of foods you are eating.

Let me give you this example that a wise, old friend from college told me and it stuck like glue when I heard it...

"Richard, treating the symptom instead of the cause is like trying to use a bucket to stop a ship from sinking before you plug the holes!" 

And this is exactly what millions of people are trying to do when they grab diet after diet (or bucket if you're following the metaphor) in the hopes that maybe this time it will work.

You're just going to end up feeling exhausted and defeated, while the water (or weight) keeps pouring into the ship around you.

You see? It just doesn't make sense why we trust our health and happiness to the "next best diet" that is never actually solving anything.

So your first step needs to be figuring out how to plug the holes in the ship. Then using the bucket to remove the water is a great next step.

Remember, the bucket represents your diet in this brilliant metaphor.

So if you are just looking to hop on the bandwagon of today's next "thing", this program isn't for you.

Ok lets move on to the second reason you shouldn't join my weight loss program.

Reason #2 - You think getting fit means you need to become a marathon runner

This is another reason why you might not find success inside of NeoSlim if you join.

(Reread that last sentence and add some sarcasm to it)

Alright, this is something I can't stand about the fitness gurus out there. They all make losing weight seem a lot more complex and complicated than it actually is.

Most of us when we think about a weight loss journey picture a show like The Biggest Loser in our minds. And this is not a pretty picture... no wonder why so few people can find the motivation to start losing weight.

This show drives me crazy. You've got these hyped up TV personality trainers shouting bursts of motivation into people who end up crying or getting frustrated with themselves.

"You aren't working hard enough..."

"Just push harder!"

This makes for great television, but a lousy weight loss program. Especially when you think about the fact that the whole premise of this show is based on some sort of race to an imaginary finish line.

This is not how you build a sustainably healthy and fit life. And the proof is in the pudding on this one.

A study from season 8 of the series showed that almost all of the 16 contestants from that year had gained most, if not all of the weight they had lost back. And some even weighed more than when they started.

This is outrageous! Those are real people who worked so hard to lose that weight. You can't tell me that they are lazy or didn't work hard enough.

So what is it then? Maybe the truth is you don't need to push yourself to extremes to lose weight.

Maybe... just maybe some trainers, coaches, workout plans, diets, are all making losing weight harder than it needs to be.

Here's the real truth that no fitness guru wants to share with you (because if they do they are out of a job):

You aren't the reason that you're fat.

That's the bottom line.

But trainers and coaches want you to believe that you just need more of their motivation or workout plans to lose weight.

But how can more training and motivation fix your weight issue if the problem doesn't start with you in the first place?

I know... I'm confused too.

The short answer is that once again, this is a surface solution to a much deeper problem. A problem that must be addressed if you want to achieve long-term success losing weight.

Which brings me to my third reason as to why you shouldn't join NeoSlim.

Reason #3 - You're looking for an overnight fix or a magic pill 

Alright, let's get one thing straight. There is nothing out there that exists on the market today that can make you "skinny" overnight, without lifting more than your finger to take a pill.

This is just reality. You didn't get into the shape you're in now overnight, so you can't get out of it overnight either.

If ANYONE tries to tell you differently, please run in the other direction and DO NOT give them your money. These folks are called scammers.

Weight loss that can be sustained over the course of a lifetime takes more than a couple of nights to get into place.

Now this doesn't mean you will spend the next year of your life constantly battling with losing weight, I'm just trying to set you up for success here. 

Real sustainable, believable, and achievable weight loss takes time. 

But maybe not as much time as you think...

In fact, if you do end up deciding to join NeoSlim after reading this letter that I'm writing to convince you not to join, you will start to feel and see results in just a few short weeks!

But I don't want to talk about that right now, let's move on to the next reason that you shouldn't join the program...

Reason #4 - You don't actually believe that I can help you lose weight.

This should go without saying, but you would be surprised how many people will purchase a product going into it believing that it won't work and then MYSTERIOUSLY they get no results.

So I feel I must warn you that this is one of those products that requires you to actually invest some trust into it.

Now I've done most of the heavy lifting on your end by giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee on the program. But you're going to have to meet me halfway by believing in the psychology and tools that I've intentionally built NeoSlim on.

You'll have to trust that when I say this program has transformed hundreds of people's lives that are just like you, it has.

You need to believe that the hypnosis tracks that I've created to reprogram your unconscious mind will actually help you remove the real cause of weight gain - Fat Building Neurons (more on these later).

And you've got to also believe in yourself. That if you trust me and this program, you will have everything you need to actually lose weight, get healthy, and feel fantastic again.

There's a whole new world of energy, happiness, confidence, and control waiting for you on the other side of my online weight loss program... but you're going to have to believe in it in order for it to work.

So... still not convinced that NeoSlim isn't for you?


Because if none of those reasons got you to leave, then I'm confident that you will find lasting success with NeoSlim.

This is very exciting because, if you decide to invest in it, this will be the last time you ever buy a weight loss program.

That is how powerful the tools and structure inside of NeoSlim are.

This program really is completely different from anything else on the market that you've tried.

Finally eliminate the root cause of your weight problem -Fat Building Neurons.

Now that you understand why you shouldn't join my weight loss program, let me show you what makes this thing so different and so successful.

Remember earlier when I mentioned the Fat Building Neurons?  This is what years of studying the brain and its relationship to food led me to find. An unnatural problem in the brain that is the real cause of excessive weight gain.

Thanks to billions of dollars being spent on neuromarketing and taste bud craving testing, food and beverage corporations have found a way to hack your unconscious mind and create a problem that won't go away by exercising or dieting.

These "neuro marketers" are using advertisements and fatty food additives to hijack your Hypothalamus (fancy word for the part of your brain that controls your eating habits).

Now under normal circumstances, this brain function (Hypothalamus) keeps us healthy and fit. And it tells your body to match the amount of food you eat with the amount of energy you expend.

But what would happen if this control center was hijacked? What if some very smart scientists (hired by the food industry) learned how they could rewire certain neurons in your brain to make you behave differently?

As it turns out, when manipulated by fancy marketing and addictive fatty foods, things can get out of control pretty fast. Food becomes a drug.

It’s as if your brain is tricked into not caring about what’s healthy and best for you.

The neurons in your Hypothalamus become confused and they start to get rewired.

You begin craving the artificial flavors that are shot into certain types of foods to get you hooked on eating and buying more.

This process is what creates an issue that no conventional diet program or workout plan can combat. 

An issue we call Fat Building Neurons.

Once in place these Fat Building Neurons take over the role of your Hypothalamus and start to wreak havoc on your body’s health.

Your brain starts to ignore what the proper amount of food to eat is, and worse, you start craving the types of food that add on fat.

Not to mention your neurons aren’t communicating how much you should eat or when to stop.

This means that your unconscious mind will actually start controlling your eating habits for you in a negative way.

And once these Fat Building Neurons are running the show they do not just go away on their own. They need to be eliminated so that the control center in your brain for weight management can function properly again.

Which brings me to what half of my program NeoSlim Online is focused on. Not starving yourself, and not exercising until you're blue in the face.

But rather on rewiring your unconscious mind, so that it isn't fighting against you anymore.

So even though you're going to get tips on what to eat and how to exercise, this isn't what makes NeoSlim the holy grail of weight loss programs.

What makes it so effective is that I've discovered that in order for a person to lose weight and then keep it off, we must first plug the holes in the ship (or remove the neurons in your mind that will keep building fat in your body).

We've got to reprogram your mind to get it thinking naturally about food again.

We've got to undo all of those years of manipulation from fancy advertising and taste bud enhanced foods.

And we've got to do that before we can expect any weight that you lose to stay off.

Once the unconscious mind is reprogrammed toward your fitness goals, losing weight will actually start to feel effortless.

This is because your unconscious mind will be fighting for you in the background now - instead of against you.

Now lets go over the rest of what's included in the program.

What you're going to get when you join NeoSlim.


A 10-Week Online Video Course

Over the course of 10 weeks I will guide you through every step necessary to make the right fitness goals and achieve them with lasting success.

Scorecards For Tracking Progress

Years of teaching this method have shown me that the people who find the most success with NeoSlim are the ones who monitor their progress.

High-Fidelity Hypnosis Audio Tracks

Grab your headphones, lay back, and relax as my world-class hypnosis audio tracks reprogram your unconscious mind to work for you.

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