NeoSlim Live Workshops in the Sunny South East

Presented by Richard Morrissey

(Clinical Hypnotherapist, Co Founder of NeoGym Ireland & The NeoGym Weight Loss Clinic)


NeoSlim is not a diet or workout plan, rather it is a mental approach to help you achieve long term weight loss and habit change.

Based on the success of the NeoSlim approach presented in our App, this in person 3 hour workshop gives you the opportunity for the live experience. 

You can apply NeoSlims approach to any nutrition or fitness

programme that you choose to pursue. 


At this workshop you will discover:

- How to break the vicious cycle of weight gain and self sabotage. 

- Why a mental approach to weight loss is essential for long term success.

- How to align the conscious mind and unconscious mind in order to direct you towards your goal. 

- How to uncover the healthiest, fittest, version of you.

- How to develop a new relationship with food

- Understand why you must redirect what currently stimulates your motivation, rather than seeking out more motivation.

- Change your autopilot and help take back control of your eating and fitness related behaviours

Saturday 25th May

Maldron Hotel - Wexford Town

Workshop: 10am - 1pm

Tuesday 28th May

Amber Springs Hotel - Gorey

Workshop: 10am - 1pm

Workshop: 6pm - 9pm


Price €65

Places are limited! - Reserve your spot now.

Maldron HotelAmber Springs